Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I haven't played this one in a few minutes, nor have I put up a new post ha---this was a quirky cover from a euro record, the place was called Hot Club from what I gather, and, speaking of which, we have a new friday night, called "GET TOGETHER" at our new venue called "SCRATCH big....................PAUSE.................and shouts out to my homie Neil for opening---of course the night focuses on international DJ's, so every week, myself and Charly Hustle will be bringing you the goods, we have NEIGHBOUR this week, last week, our big homies SMALLTOWN DJ'S, and next week, TOP BILLIN. I am off to Vancouver on Saturday to play with my skilled brother from another mother EMOTIONZ, at the media club, I haven't played Van in YEARS, due to my son being born 4 years ago, so I'm slowly getting back underway with the touring this year, and having lots of fun with it I might add....

Friday, September 18, 2009


MARY MARY Edit-Roger Simard

Forgot about this one! always in my search for covers of well known breaks, this one was a canadian break that while pretty fast, was also pretty bangin. I extended the drums, and added some compression and reverb, and gave it an extra bump on all levels for that extra touch to make this song playable in any modern set..........well, most 'modern dj's' would not play this I guess, but if you got that flamboyant punch, and skills on the wheels, I'm sure it'll get played one day!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009



wow, busy summer----to all Dj's Devoted to their craft and art, this goes out to you, over the summers I see sooo much talent out there that isn't "trendy" at the moment, lots of peeps that have paid their dues, that don't really get the props they deserve, while the new kids on the block play to the masses by playing what's popular: Devotion is an album cut off Frank Hooker and the Positive People's S/T album on Panorama, 'This Feelin' is the banging 12" cut, but hey, we tryin to play the underdog here right? I had to put the flip side on for the image, just cuz someone wrote "good" on my copy, as in, "dang, this is good"

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Let's Have Some Fun


I played an all 45's set on 4 tables with my man DR.J last weekend at the 14th annual Connect Music Festival and realized 'let's have some fun' by the Bar-Kays is one of the most perfect boogie/break tracks ever made, perfect for cutting in, and mixing out, definately does not need a re-edit! starts out with not only a fat unique break (sampled to death and popularized by Q-bert for his turntable t.v.) but breaks down twice more throughout, making it easy for any DJ to mix into or out of already----
*****to all peeps in Toon Town we got Myself and Skratch BAstid this saturday at the Overdrive celebrating his 110% cd tour******

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

If You Want My Love


so, I just came back from Toronto, where the hip hop culture is certainly poppin off, as well as the record and creative music scene! Big shout out to all the homies some old, some new: Fathom, Kaewonder, Alixander, Bastid, Serious, Dopey, Catalist, Blaz, Bboys: Q-Rock and Heist, as well as Epic and Chaps! and of course all the lovely Ladies!
apologies for not posting for a minute, but summer gets pretty hectic..............this is a classic I wanted to upload, Melvin Sparks featuring Jimmy Scott from Westbound off his '75 album, which to me was so banging, (but didn't sell many copies) that two years later on the Detroit Emeralds album: Feel The Need, it was replayed, and with different lyrics by the Detroit Emeralds, which has a nice little 1 bar break towards the end-----my vote, the Melvin version all the way baby

Thursday, July 2, 2009

don't stop till you get enough dub

and it keep on going (don't stop till you get enough dub)

People People! my apologies, summer gets crazy for dj'ing, so it's been a minute, but I'm keepin up----obviously MJ's death was a huge wave of parties, tv shows, tribute sets etc....and so I was busy ripping all of my MJ/jackson5 covers: here is the B-Side Dub version to the awesome Jaro and trinity 'don't stop till you get enough' cover. perhaps, MJ had enough? saskheads: tonight we are keeping all the jazzfest festivities going with The Heavy and The Gaff at Lydias for the 2nd night in a row, and be sure to head to Jax after for Z-trip!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Take Me

TAKE ME-Betty Everett (intro edit)

while pulling out a bunch of female vocal albums to rip the other day, I had to give this one a little remaster/edit and extend the intro, used on 'Pass the Handgrenade'; combined with a nice little headless heroes' loop, this belter by Betty is a great way to start the summer off-appealing to anyone into funky soul and hip hop. as she says: "if you want it you can get it"

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Chillin-Skratch Bastid Remix
My Man Bastid hipped me to this remix he made today; what more can I say?- it's illin. get it.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

time machine

chocolate milk-'time machine' and actions speak louder than words
I'm a doubles guy, not much use for them now thanks to Serato, but I'm still reluctant to let go of any doubles.....a strange week, watched 'back to the future' on t.v., then saw 'terminator-salvation' both having to do with time machines, the night before I was speaking with a friend about travelling back in time to 1969. so, I guess Chocolate Milk's 'Time Machine' gets the slot, just a perfect tune. but I had to add 'actions speak....'-----and, seeing their bpm both being at 80, I decided to speed them up to 92, and gave 'actions' a little remaster to bump up the levels.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rock Steady Y'all

The Marvels-Rock Steady
The Generation Gap-Rock Steady
Aretha's Alternate Take

having a little cover version day, I was going to pick a different song to cover all together, then a different version, by the generation gap, and then, was tossed up between the two; so here's The Marvel's version, and the Generation Gap's Version, which is to me a prime instrumental version. May as well throw in the alternate take of Aretha's original from the awesome Atlantic 'What It Is' Compilation. I even pulled Johnny Hammond's Wild Horses Rock Steady album, but thought 3 was enough.
If YOU have any other banging cover version's be sure to hit me up with them ;-) I'm sure I have another couple, but did this quick as I could!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


sask heads tomorrow night come out for a bounciful night featuring yours truly opening up on 4 tables with C.Hustle
other canadians doing their thing,  always making dope music: wicked lester: MOVE peep game here: myspace

Saturday, May 16, 2009


probably my favourite hip hop song that exists as an instrumental, with the 'you'll like it too' drums minus the drum roll, maybe because they'd been so prominant in eric b and rakim's usage or to disguise em a little. Perfect springtime chillin music, it doesn't get better, except perhaps when Large Pro is rapping on it.

Sunday, May 10, 2009



I decided to be useful to dj's today; one of my favorite reggae tunes, I combined both sides and ultra extended it so you can play it out and walk away and dance at the end of the night, or, use for soundcheck at the beginning as I used to do with the 45 cuz I loved the way it was eq'd :-) I got it from KL in toronto years ago, and think it's one of the sickest reggae breaks around. the regular 3:30 'version' was here at Anonymous' site; dj's delight.
BONUS: BLACK KEYS 'PSYCHOTIC GIRL' TIN CAN MIX a useful track people dig that's also been on my myspace page for a minute, I had added the donna corbett drums, upped the tempo to 97 and really messed with the sound with a bunch of audio effects

Thursday, May 7, 2009

it's your world drums at the intro-Gil Scott

It's Your World The Gaff's Drum's At The Intro Version
when I first heard this song, it immediately became one of my favorite gil scott songs to play out along with the proto rap of 'revolution will not be televised' and catchyness 'johannesburg'-----I was real hyped when the keys loop was sampled by black star off the bridges album over 10 years ago. This tune, was always a dilemma for me to play out, while I felt it had a lot of energy, positive message and great vibe, the beginning started a little too 'abruptly' with; 'the ground beneath my feet', I was always like; 'hmmmm, should I just scratch this part in, or make that abrupt 'cut' out of the last beat and right into it?' There was no way to blend into this song before, so, while not perfect, this sort of takes care of that, with some of the drums from the end reworked into a 4 bar intro, and all the levels brought up. I know the drums hit a little hard, but it's how it goes, looking at a normal wave of the song, it starts quieter and builds harder and harder till it's maxed at the end, so that was an issue in bringing drums from the end to the beginning. It works for me though to bring in the middle of my set, rather than a warm up track when i'm in that kind of crowd.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Button Up=The Bloods

Button UP Gaff re=edit (exit international 1981)

you know when you're looking for a record, and you look and look through the same few spots because you know 'it has to be in here somewhere' and 'I know it's not over there' so you go through hundreds of 45's thinking you missed it when all along, it was 'over there'. This was one of those times; a 2 minute look becomes a half hour escapade. I've looked through thousands of records in my own collection before looking for a record only to find I missed it in my first look through a certain section. Phrases such as "someone must have stolen it!" or "did I trade it? sell it?" come to mind, only to have the cold reality of my own disorganization dawn on me after at most, hours of searching.
anyways.....................I touched this small hole new wave 45 up with a little edit at the intro and extended the drums in the middle making it easier to catch the break for those who care (me) I'd like to thank my man birdapres for the hook up on this one, I love the part where they're like 'rippin it up'

Friday, May 1, 2009

it's a feeling-Rolling Tones

It's a feeling

I've had a lot of people ask me to do the blog thing for awhile and share some music, so, here we are, may 1st 2009, first post. I've never been to the carribbean islands, but I've thought for awhile that among names to call your group, west indies  the 'Rolling Tones' is one of the better ones. 'it's a feeling' is the funk track on the album which I've always found to have a catchy hook and I got a nice deal on this record cuz the cover and label had a bit of damage.