Sunday, May 3, 2009

Button Up=The Bloods

Button UP Gaff re=edit (exit international 1981)

you know when you're looking for a record, and you look and look through the same few spots because you know 'it has to be in here somewhere' and 'I know it's not over there' so you go through hundreds of 45's thinking you missed it when all along, it was 'over there'. This was one of those times; a 2 minute look becomes a half hour escapade. I've looked through thousands of records in my own collection before looking for a record only to find I missed it in my first look through a certain section. Phrases such as "someone must have stolen it!" or "did I trade it? sell it?" come to mind, only to have the cold reality of my own disorganization dawn on me after at most, hours of searching.
anyways.....................I touched this small hole new wave 45 up with a little edit at the intro and extended the drums in the middle making it easier to catch the break for those who care (me) I'd like to thank my man birdapres for the hook up on this one, I love the part where they're like 'rippin it up'

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