Tuesday, August 25, 2009



wow, busy summer----to all Dj's Devoted to their craft and art, this goes out to you, over the summers I see sooo much talent out there that isn't "trendy" at the moment, lots of peeps that have paid their dues, that don't really get the props they deserve, while the new kids on the block play to the masses by playing what's popular: Devotion is an album cut off Frank Hooker and the Positive People's S/T album on Panorama, 'This Feelin' is the banging 12" cut, but hey, we tryin to play the underdog here right? I had to put the flip side on for the image, just cuz someone wrote "good" on my copy, as in, "dang, this is good"

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Let's Have Some Fun


I played an all 45's set on 4 tables with my man DR.J last weekend at the 14th annual Connect Music Festival and realized 'let's have some fun' by the Bar-Kays is one of the most perfect boogie/break tracks ever made, perfect for cutting in, and mixing out, definately does not need a re-edit! starts out with not only a fat unique break (sampled to death and popularized by Q-bert for his turntable t.v.) but breaks down twice more throughout, making it easy for any DJ to mix into or out of already----
*****to all peeps in Toon Town we got Myself and Skratch BAstid this saturday at the Overdrive celebrating his 110% cd tour******