Thursday, May 7, 2009

it's your world drums at the intro-Gil Scott

It's Your World The Gaff's Drum's At The Intro Version
when I first heard this song, it immediately became one of my favorite gil scott songs to play out along with the proto rap of 'revolution will not be televised' and catchyness 'johannesburg'-----I was real hyped when the keys loop was sampled by black star off the bridges album over 10 years ago. This tune, was always a dilemma for me to play out, while I felt it had a lot of energy, positive message and great vibe, the beginning started a little too 'abruptly' with; 'the ground beneath my feet', I was always like; 'hmmmm, should I just scratch this part in, or make that abrupt 'cut' out of the last beat and right into it?' There was no way to blend into this song before, so, while not perfect, this sort of takes care of that, with some of the drums from the end reworked into a 4 bar intro, and all the levels brought up. I know the drums hit a little hard, but it's how it goes, looking at a normal wave of the song, it starts quieter and builds harder and harder till it's maxed at the end, so that was an issue in bringing drums from the end to the beginning. It works for me though to bring in the middle of my set, rather than a warm up track when i'm in that kind of crowd.

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