Thursday, April 1, 2010


YO people! just came back from a nice Diggin mission in Edmonton with Uncle Nu, shouts out to Degree for putting on the show and CreeAsian--------i'm
heading out on a little western escapade
April 2nd: Get Together in toon with Emotionz and Stylust
April 6th: WHISTLER with mat THe Alien at the max fish
April 9th: Vancouver with Emotionz at the Century House
April 10th: Victoria with Champion Sound
April 16th: Get TOgether at Scratch Ft. Maestro Fresh Wes
April 17th: at Del The funky homosapien with Zac Hendrix and Heywood
HERE IS A NEW TRACK I WORKED ON All in Swing, tons of fun to make, definately on the spiritual vibes tip!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

it's called 'AFROBEAT'

well, now, what a huge few months it's been.......we've started our weekly: night GET TOGETHER every friday and OVER THE LAST FEW MONTHS, have featured the likes of: DJ NUMARK, SCRATCH (ROOTS), JAYCEEOH, TOP BILLIN, TEAM CANADA, SMALLTOWN DJ'S, FORT KNOX FIVE, MAT THE ALIEN, ALI B, DEEKLINE, PUMP, HEDSPIN, AYRES, SKRATCH BASTID, THE FRESHEST, THE LYTICS, EMOTIONZ, AUDIT, AND HUNNICUT AND CO-OP. that's every friday at scratch.

also, I've focused alot on my SOUNDCLOUD page, i've been making tons of new music in preparation for my album, and a 12" to be released this summer....lately i've been letting out 100 free downloads to get the buzz going, here's the latest one:

It's called 'AFROBEAT' by TheGaff