Friday, June 19, 2009

Take Me

TAKE ME-Betty Everett (intro edit)

while pulling out a bunch of female vocal albums to rip the other day, I had to give this one a little remaster/edit and extend the intro, used on 'Pass the Handgrenade'; combined with a nice little headless heroes' loop, this belter by Betty is a great way to start the summer off-appealing to anyone into funky soul and hip hop. as she says: "if you want it you can get it"

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Chillin-Skratch Bastid Remix
My Man Bastid hipped me to this remix he made today; what more can I say?- it's illin. get it.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

time machine

chocolate milk-'time machine' and actions speak louder than words
I'm a doubles guy, not much use for them now thanks to Serato, but I'm still reluctant to let go of any doubles.....a strange week, watched 'back to the future' on t.v., then saw 'terminator-salvation' both having to do with time machines, the night before I was speaking with a friend about travelling back in time to 1969. so, I guess Chocolate Milk's 'Time Machine' gets the slot, just a perfect tune. but I had to add 'actions speak....'-----and, seeing their bpm both being at 80, I decided to speed them up to 92, and gave 'actions' a little remaster to bump up the levels.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rock Steady Y'all

The Marvels-Rock Steady
The Generation Gap-Rock Steady
Aretha's Alternate Take

having a little cover version day, I was going to pick a different song to cover all together, then a different version, by the generation gap, and then, was tossed up between the two; so here's The Marvel's version, and the Generation Gap's Version, which is to me a prime instrumental version. May as well throw in the alternate take of Aretha's original from the awesome Atlantic 'What It Is' Compilation. I even pulled Johnny Hammond's Wild Horses Rock Steady album, but thought 3 was enough.
If YOU have any other banging cover version's be sure to hit me up with them ;-) I'm sure I have another couple, but did this quick as I could!