Wednesday, July 22, 2009

If You Want My Love


so, I just came back from Toronto, where the hip hop culture is certainly poppin off, as well as the record and creative music scene! Big shout out to all the homies some old, some new: Fathom, Kaewonder, Alixander, Bastid, Serious, Dopey, Catalist, Blaz, Bboys: Q-Rock and Heist, as well as Epic and Chaps! and of course all the lovely Ladies!
apologies for not posting for a minute, but summer gets pretty hectic..............this is a classic I wanted to upload, Melvin Sparks featuring Jimmy Scott from Westbound off his '75 album, which to me was so banging, (but didn't sell many copies) that two years later on the Detroit Emeralds album: Feel The Need, it was replayed, and with different lyrics by the Detroit Emeralds, which has a nice little 1 bar break towards the end-----my vote, the Melvin version all the way baby

Thursday, July 2, 2009

don't stop till you get enough dub

and it keep on going (don't stop till you get enough dub)

People People! my apologies, summer gets crazy for dj'ing, so it's been a minute, but I'm keepin up----obviously MJ's death was a huge wave of parties, tv shows, tribute sets etc....and so I was busy ripping all of my MJ/jackson5 covers: here is the B-Side Dub version to the awesome Jaro and trinity 'don't stop till you get enough' cover. perhaps, MJ had enough? saskheads: tonight we are keeping all the jazzfest festivities going with The Heavy and The Gaff at Lydias for the 2nd night in a row, and be sure to head to Jax after for Z-trip!