Thursday, April 1, 2010


YO people! just came back from a nice Diggin mission in Edmonton with Uncle Nu, shouts out to Degree for putting on the show and CreeAsian--------i'm
heading out on a little western escapade
April 2nd: Get Together in toon with Emotionz and Stylust
April 6th: WHISTLER with mat THe Alien at the max fish
April 9th: Vancouver with Emotionz at the Century House
April 10th: Victoria with Champion Sound
April 16th: Get TOgether at Scratch Ft. Maestro Fresh Wes
April 17th: at Del The funky homosapien with Zac Hendrix and Heywood
HERE IS A NEW TRACK I WORKED ON All in Swing, tons of fun to make, definately on the spiritual vibes tip!

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